Tuesday, September 27, 2005

howdy y'all !

I haven't died or moved to Siberia... and I would really like to say that I have been off doing something altruistic with my time...but reality is I have been sucked into the bowels of Dave's online game...

I give up -it's addictive... I am a level 20 human rogue.... I am mad l33t yo!.

hah! okay so here is my posty post this fine Tuesday at midday. I have signed up for a fantasy hockey league... here is the address... you have about 8 days to make your team...


Think you know hockey??? Just want the opportunity to lord something over me??? Whatever the case may be... pick your team and join up...let's see who knows their shit!

Group name : blogwar
Access word : maplesyrup

bring it on JERK !

Sunday, September 18, 2005

To anyone that feels like:

Showing a little love.

I am putting together a care package for Kaci's husband - Mike. You guys know him as Porter SR here in blogland. I hope to have everything together and ready to ship out within two weeks. If any of you feel like contributing anything to the pile... the things he has requested are:

Candy bars
Chewing tobacco - specifically Copenhagen Black (bourbon flavored)

If you don't want to send the actual stuff and would prefer to send money, I will be happy to buy stuff and send you back the receipts to show what I purchased for him with your money.

There's very little I can do to show my appreciation for everything that they do over there... Mike is the only soldier I know so it's an easy choice for me to pick him to thank. He has given up so much to be over there and at so much personal risk, not to mention what Kaci has had to give up with him over there.

Please don't feel like you have to do anything, I just thought I would extend the offer to you - should anyone here in blogland feel like joining in.

If you do, email me and I will give you details =) Or.. even better, email me and I will give you his address and you can send your own package =)


Thursday, September 15, 2005

soap operas, snacks and sofas...

Ahhh yes, the life of the unemployed. That's me folks. As of today at 4:00pm CST... unemployed, jobless.... well for ten days anyway.... BUT I plan to milk every last one of those glorious blissful days....

SOME people would have you think that I blog on command... NOT SO JERK!! I am blogging right now because I had something to say! Not because you requested it!

I do have to get my house in order, my car serviced, inspected and plated next week - fun fun. I guess there really is no such thing as a vacation.

Vacation = time off doing work around the house you didn't have time to do while you were working.


Friday, September 09, 2005

Lions and Spiders and Snakes....oh my.

OKay, so yesterday, I get to work at around 7:00 am and I put the coffee on, turn on my computer putter for a bit and decide that I am going to have a smoke before HR arrives. I leave the safety of my office and begin the trek down the hallway, through the data entry area to the side door that leads to the smoking area.

When I enter the pristine whiteness of the data entry area (white floors, white walls, white ceiling and beige cubicles....) something immediately strikes me as odd. There is something amiss. Something....out of place. What could it be????

I scan the room .... (remember I am not fully awake as of yet... coffee is still brewing...) hmmm can't quite put my finger on it.....I take another step into the room...and Voila! I figure it out!

There is something black in the middle of the floor. Something black is definitely out of place in this room. ESPECIALLY something black that slithers.

That's right. SLITHERS.

I had to herd this little fellow (Frank) into HR's cake tray with a broom. And let me tell you...he may be small...but he's got MOXY. All rearing up at me like he's a cobra.... pfft I showed him.

So for all your snake removal needs. I am unemployed as of next Thursday and seriously contemplating snake taming as my next career. Who you gonna call????

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Hello? Is there anyone out there still ???? I promise I am not neglecting you on purpose...I have fallen and can't get up....

Actually, I have been busy trying to decide where my ass will end up work wise. I have had a couple of interviews - decision pending on one and an offer from the other that I am waffling over. I have one more interview tomorrow after work.... So basically, this past week has been all about me. I have neglected you. For that I am deeply sorry, I have been reading you though. I haven't commented. I have been there though.

The Hurricane coverage has had me mesmorized too. It's the only thing on my TV. So between being stunned by the devastation and trying to find a new job before my old one is officially over, it's been a mess.

I am actually considering taking a quick trip up to Canada between jobs. Nothing official yet, but I haven't been home in 3 years and I think maybe I should jump up there and take a peek around. Eat some poutine...visit some friends. You know....

Monkey has bought a new online game so if you have been missing him...he's buried in the basement killing things on his computer. He should resurface in a month or two. (he does this from time to time)... He informed me the other day that the next RPG to come out is D&D. If that in fact happens, we have lost monkey forever. He may as well be dead. Of course when that happens, I will be taking applications for replacement husband. I am low maintenance, I cook and clean.

Please forward resumes to my home email....


Friday, September 02, 2005


Well, Wednesday we made the 3.5 hour drive to Wichita to find out what's what. And, what it is...is this: terminated. LOL. Not that I was surprised. Today however, they are coming here to "crunch" numbers. Roughly translated I believe that means that they are trying to find a creative way to keep us and at the same time "crunch" our salary to something more platable to their wallet.

Should be interesting.

At least we got severance =)

Will update later with the "crunched" version of my job. Hope you all are having a wonderful day/week/month.

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