Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I want a pool

Is that a weird dream? Some people want peace on earth. Some people want to be millionaires. Some people want to be famous.

I want a pool.

of course, I want those other things too. But mainly, I want a pool.

So, I have been blurfing lately. (surfing blogs, it's my very own word, feel free to use it if you want - how magnanimous of me eh?)

Catching up on old friends - I call them friends, even if most of them don't know I even exist...

Good LORD I've missed alot! IT IS SO NOT LIKE A SOAP OPERA. If you miss a few months of blogging, you totally cannot follow the story line anymore.

couples I loved are no longer together. Single people I knew are married. People who were apart are back together.

I am so lost. Sometimes I am glad I am boring :)

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