Monday, May 02, 2005

99 things...

1. My name is Lisa.
2. I used to spell it Lysa, until I realized that I was 35 and that was distinctly 15-year-old behavior and I should probably grow up.
3. I am not quite grown up yet.
4. I made a huge mistake when I was 15 and lied to a good friend.
5. I still regret it.
6. I speak 3 languages.
7. Privately, I think that makes me pretty cool.
8. I down play how cool I think it actually is so I don't seem full of myself.
9. I stole a rubic's cube key-chain when I was 12 and got caught.
10. I stole a few more things after that and didn't get caught.
11. I haven't stolen anything in over 15 years.
12. I guess I am more grown up than I thought.
13. I don't think that humans are by nature monogamous creatures.
14. I am too blunt.
15. I hitch-hiked to Florida from Toronto when I was 16.
16. I wouldn't hitch-hike to the corner store now.
17. I have been in love 4 times.
18. I thought I was in love many more times than that.
19. Stupid people piss me off.
20. I get really, really pissed off when I do something stupid.
21. I smoke.... cigarrettes.
22. I have smoked.... other things.
23. I no longer do... I wasn't very good at it.
24. I am Canadian.
25. I live in the US.
26. I have mixed loyalties. I love things about both countries.
27. I miss Tim Horton's.
28. I really miss poutine.
29. I have a lot of acquaintances here but only one friend.
30. The rest belonged to my husband first and I think he would keep them in the event of a divorce.
31. My mother and I were never close.
32. I think I was a big disappointment to her.
33. Fortunately, my mother-in-law thinks I am great.
34. I think she's pretty great too.
35. My husband is smarter than I am.
36. That pisses me off. I am used to being the smart one.
37. I guess I just used to date dumb guys.
38. I met my husband on the internet.
39. I met 5 other guys on the internet before I found him.
40. This really is harder than I thought.
41. I should think more before I speak.
42. That probably won't happen.
43. But at least you will always know what I really think.
44. I can cook.
45. I don't like to clean up after I cook though.
46. But I do it because my husband likes to clean less than I do.
47. I have a really good job.
48. I sometimes wonder how the hell I got it.
49. My guilty pleasure is raw cookie dough.
50. I actually pretend I am going to make the cookies when I buy it.
51. I never do.
52. I don't say 'eh' anymore.
53. I still think it though.
54. I love hockey. My husband loves me enough to buy the NHL package for me so I can see the Leafs - every game.
55. I was pissed there was no season.
56. I used to raid my mother's liquor cabinet and pour a bit from every bottle into a mason jar. We called it Jungle Juice. Ainse will remember this.
57. I would kill my son if he ever tries this with my alcohol.
58. I am more devious than my mother was... I think I will catch him.
59. I always plan to live more healthily.... starting next Monday.
60. Next Monday never comes.
61. Time goes quicker and quicker every year.
62. I wish I knew then what I know now.
63. I am a good friend.
64. I could be a better one.
65. My current favorite Music is - Jack Johnson ~ In between Dreams
66. No one favorite song... I love the whole album. get it. you will love it too.
67. I married my best friend.
68. You should marry your best friend.
69. I am neither a dog person nor a cat person.
70. I have both.
71. I sing badly - worse than Ainse.
72. I sing anyway.
73. I dance even worse than I sing.
74. I have a good laugh.
75. I wish I laughed more.
76. I think I will.
77. I have the ugliest feet in the world.
78. I wear sandals anyway. and paint my toenails.
79. I do not wear toe rings. they hurt.
80. I do not wear thongs. they hurt. plus I don't have the ass for them.
81. I have been told I have a phone sex voice.
82. I like that people think my voice is sexy.
83. I don't tell them its from smoking a pack a day for 20+ years.
84. Let them think I am naturally sexy.
85. Just kidding. I do tell them it's from smoking.
86. I have a tattoo.
87. I went to boarding school.
88. My mother said it was a complete waste of money.
89. Except for my vocabulary. She said that may have made it worthwhile.
90. I don't have the heart to tell her I got that from reading.
91. Which I could have done for a lot less money than she shelled out for Private school.
93. I was adopted.
94. I bet my birth-mother wouldn't have been disappointed in me.
95. My mother is a doctor.
96. She speaks 7 languages.
97. Hard to live up to that.
98. Now you know more about me.

*thieved this idea from binsk & Heather*
I promise I will link when I think I am worthy.

99. I never break promises.

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