Wednesday, January 11, 2006

how in the hell did this happen ?

I have a 15-year-old.


I'm *gasp* middle-aged!

Today is Jake's Birthday.

I don't think I can write anymore...I have to go bury my youth and vitality in the backyard.

Friday, January 06, 2006

The end of a stressful week

Thank GOD.

We did the go live - direct deposit conversion this pay period and man o' man was it nerve-wracking. Probably to noone else but me...but it's my blog and I am here to bitch about MY feelings dammit.

Can you believe I worked in a place that in 2006 is JUST NOW going direct deposit? heh.

My predecessor had put off and put off the conversion until she was no longer there and it became my baby.

The bonus - I get all the credit for being ballsy enough to it when really the only thing I had to do ...was say "ok, let's do this" and then sit and wait for the checks to be routed into the employees accounts.

It actually went pretty well. Only 4 employees had routing issues which were corrected this time and they will be getting their DD next pay. (not, I am sure that any of you care....but hey...)

Thursdays we have these in-services - all staff. This one was mandatory. and joy of joys..little did I know I was going to be ambushed and introduced to the entire staff at once.

"Lisa - will you please stand up and introduce yourself - so everyone can get a good look at you and have a face to go with the name."


How about NO? Is that an option?

I blush pretty easily.

So there I was. Blushing. And honestly, feeling like I was back in 7th grade and I had just been called on to give my oral presentation in front of the class.

Uhm.... hi? My name is Lisa .... And I hate standing up in front of people and talking about myself. Oh... and I am your Human Resource Director ... and your Payroll coordinator... and the accounts/payable clerk.... oh and on Friday's I get to fill in for the receptionist because she decided that she doesn't want to work Fridays anymore - I think that about covers it. Can I PLEASE sit down now?

The down side to everyone knowing who I am now is this:

I didn't get five feet outside of the conference hall when 6 employees said "oh hey, just one quick thing about my insurance".

Those quick things took me two hours.

I am seriously thinking about putting up a little stand with those paper number rolls. letting them sit outside with a paper number till I call them in =)

and now? I'm going to clean my house.


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