Friday, December 30, 2005

Has it really been over a month ?

well shit.

Actually I have no idea what made me decide to check in today.

That's a lie. A friend told me he read my blog. The whole thing - so out of morbid curiosity I popped in here to see if he left me a comment. Narcissistic isn't it ? OF course he didn't... I will have to chastize him heartily for that when next we speak - because admittedly, I am a comment whore - or I was - when I posted.

Do I have a good excuse for not posting? Not really. I have been distracted - according to one "professional" after a brief ten minute conversation with me...she declared me ADD. So there you have it - I ... have a short attention span.

She has a degree so it must be true. Besides, if you think about it...that's ALMOST as good as a doctor's note... I have a MEDICAL condition which prevents me from posting for MONTHS at a time.

Therefore, any of you who are thinking of lecturing me are not allowed to. - it just wouldn't be politically correct :)

New job is going well... a TON of crap to learn and training is, well, non-existant. So by the time I get home at night the last thing I want to do is actually THINK. So I have opted not to.

Merry Christmas however. I do pop in and read a few of you from time to time - blogs with pictures mostly - less thinking involved HAH! kidding.

Show me some love - if anyone is still reading this drivel I may come back and post some more =) (that by the a shameless plug for some comments...feel free to indulge me!)


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